Risk class Core, Core Plus, Value Add
Asset class Office properties, office and commercial
buildings, retail parks, district centers,
highstreet, hotels
Note Good building quality, Focus on Multi tenant properties, retail parks with anchor tentant „food“, Hotels from 4 stars (fixed lease only)
Macro location A-, B- and C-Cities
Single Volume Min. € 10 m, Portfolios of any size
Deal structure Asset deal, share deal

Michael Zander Transaction Commercial


Risk class Core, Core Plus
Object typ Residential with max. 30% Commercial use, Micro-/ Student apartments, serviced living, detached houses
Macro Location A cities incl. suburbs, B cities, german University cities
Micro Location

Sustainable rentable Location

Construction year Existing and new buildings (forward deals)
Single Volume Min. € 10 m, Portfolios of any size
Jochen Worringen

Jochen Worringen Commercial & Residential


Asset class

Nursing Home, assisted living, medical centres and health centres

Risk class Core, Core +
Macro Location Western and eastern German federal states
Construction year Existing buildings from 2000
New buildings (forward deals)
Tenant structure
Nursing Home and
assisted living
Single Tenant,
WALT min.15 years
Medical centres and
health centres
Multi Tenant, min. 80 % rented
WALT min. 6 years
Volume € 8 m to € 50 m
Deal structure Preferred Asset Deal, Share Deal


Risk Profil Core and core plus
Asset class Office; retail/high street; hotel; residential; mixed-use
Details Existing and new builds; focus on multi-tenant; good building quality; “food” anchored retail; 4* or 5* hotels (no management contracts
Macro Location A and B cities; inner-city/CBD locations, urban areas with good infrastructure
Investment Volume >10 Mio. €
Deal Structure Asset or share deal


  • Metropolitan areas of Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Münster
  • Metropolitan areas of Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Darmstadt
  • Metropolitan areas of Munich, Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Regensburg
  • Berlin/Potsdam (in development)
  • Hamburg
  • Preferably in city centres and well-connected peripheral Locations
  • Also less-developed locations with public transport Connections
  • Urban, established areas with existing infrastructure
Project volumes
  • Achievable sales volume: min. € 10 million
  • Realisable apartments: from 20 to unlimited residential units
  • ideal project size from 10 – 500 Mio. €
  • Undeveloped or developed land
  • Land with or without planning rights
  • Mainly suited to residential construction (preferably without mixed usage)
  • Conversion areas, withdrawal of industry, change of use
  • Already planned properties

Commercial Development

Usage types
  • Office, hotel, retail, light industrial, logistics
  • Commercial and residential (mixed use)
  • Top 7 locations
  • Metropolitan areas of Cologne/Bonn and Düsseldorf
  • Metropolitan area of Frankfurt am Main with the Rhine-Main region
  • Medium-sized cities with strong growth, such as Bonn, Leipzig, Dresden, Hanover,Nuremberg
  • Preferably in city centresand well-connected peripheral locations and/or office centres/commercial sites
  • Urban, established areas with existing infrastructure
Project volumes
  • In the event of an existing anchor tenant: from EUR 30 million to EUR 300 million
  • In the event of purchase without existing lease agreements: up to max. EUR 200 million
  • Undeveloped or developed land
  • Land with or without planning rights
  • Buildings with repurposing potential
  • Already planned properties
  • Empty or leased with expiring lease agreements or lease agreements that can be dissolved at short notice

Benjamin Schümer Commercial Development - Center/South

Swiss Life Asset Managers
: 1/27/2021