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3/16/2015 Portfolio Deals: CORPUS SIREO to invest across Europe

Cannes, 11.March 2015: The German real estate industry agrees: 2015 will be the year of large portfolio deals. In order to be well positioned in the competition for the best properties, Germany’s leading real estate asset management servicer, CORPUS SIREO, appoints Managing Director Roy Brümmer to spearhead the newly formed acquisition-unit of CORPUS SIREO Asset Management Commercial GmbH. In this department, CORPUS SIREO will seize investment and co-investment opportunities for the entire group's asset management business. Tasks lying ahead for the new acquisition force are the purchase of single properties and portfolios worth more than five million Euros on behalf of national and international clients, as well as for the parent company Swiss life.

Roy Brümmer, Managing Director of the CORPUS SIREO Asset Management Commercial GmbH and Head of Acquisitions, says: Concerning our customers’ needs and profiles we are focusing predominately large portfolios as well as single assets valued more than five million euros. Asset classes we are particularly interested in are office, residential, healthcare and retail. Depending on the partner and the attractiveness of a portfolio, CORPUS SIREO will also act as co-investor.To this end, we have fixed assets running intobillions available to us.

Ingo Hartlief, Chairman of the Management Board of CORPUS SIREO Asset Management Commercial GmbH, says: "We intend a significant expansion of our acquisition business this year. With Roy Brümmer, an experienced transaction manager, assuming this important responsibility. He has been in charge of many successful large scale investment and sales activities. I wish him a lucky hand and all the best for this new mission."

CORPUS SIREO, an independently acting business unit of Swiss Life Asset Managers, is the leading independent real estate asset management services company in Germany according to market analyses. Acting on behalf of the company's customers, 550 employees at 11 locations in Germany and Luxembourg manage commercial and residential properties covering a total floor space of 15 million square metres and with a value of approximately 16.3 billion euros (as of 10/2014), including institutional assets of 2.3 billion euros. Depending on the investment and partner, CORPUS SIREO aims at European-wide co-Investments. In the field of residential project development, CORPUS SIREO is also a leading developer in Germany, with approximately 500 completions every year. The Broker division of CORPUS SIREO also ranks one of the top 10 German estate agent companies.

The company regularly receives awards for its services. According to current rankings and competitions, CORPUS SIREO is the leading real estate asset management servicer in Germany (Bell Real Estate Asset Management Report 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011). The Company has also received the immobilienmanager Award 2012 in the category Management. It has received three consecutive awards as the most valuable brand in asset management (Immobilienmarken Award 2013, 2012, 2011) and as the most active press office of German real estate companies (Wissenschaftliche Vereinigung zur Förderung des Immobilienjournalismus 2014). The asset manager is also one of the most popular employers in the German real estate industry (second place in the Immobilien Zeitung ranking 2014).

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