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Swiss Life Asset Managers Deutschland makes all sorts of information available that is regularly updated. Given the technical specificities of the Internet, however, Swiss Life Asset Managers Deutschland assumes no warranty for the completeness and accuracy of the posted information.

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The information on these web pages is not adjusted to reflect the individual parameters of a given case or the needs of individual investors or investor groups. Prior to making a decision to acquire shares in a given real estate fund, you should seek the advice of a professional investment or tax consultant, and review the balance sheet-relevant and fiscal aspects of such an investment in your own responsibility.

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The detailed floor plans, illustrations and information reflect the current status of planning permission. Changes to construction and detail planning may be possible as a result of technical building requirements or official regulations. The building specification is relevant for the features.

Illustrated furniture and fittings are shown as examples. Furniture and fittings are not included in the scope of features. The illustrations show some special features which, in line with the building specification, are only available following prior discussion and for additional cost. The floor plans are not suitable for measuring dimensions for furniture.

The drawings of the perspective and façades and the colours which are used reflect the view of the illustrator, and are therefore subject to confirmation.

This website is explicitly not an offer to enter into a contract.


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: 5/22/2022