Our professional services cover the full corporate real estate management spectrum along a corporate property’s entire value chain. We provide individual, multiple, or all services from this spectrum depending on the customer’s Needs:
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We provide specialist knowledge, experience and manpower to support corporate real estate management for companies whose core business is not in the real estate industry. We understand the philosophy these companies and the operational needs for their own real estate portfolio. We know the market from macro to micro, as well as the particularities of the different locations and asset classes.

Our services include assisting company CREM departments with bottlenecks as well as comprehensive solutions. We offer help in the form of individual modules as well as complete packages.

We tailor our professional services to each individual client and their wishes, and work with agile project teams. There are no standard solutions. We work with the right specialists to find a custom solution for every issue.


We value tailor-made services. That’s why we analyse exactly which team and which services we can use to best fulfil each client’s order. We examine the client’s starting point and their goal. Our task is to find the path to that goal – we customise our professional services for each and every client.

Complete Package of Services

We develop your strategy

CORPUS SIREO undertakes the complete real estate management from A to Z.

Corporate concentrates solely on its core business.

Individual Service Package

We support your strategy

CORPUS SIREO docks as a partner.

The corporate/his specific division is supported in the implementation and development of its real estate strategy.


  • Development of suitable exit strategies at individual and portfolio level
  • Examination of opportunities and risks (hold-sell analysis)
  • Transaction support through to conclusion
  • Pooling of all sales processes and management/implementation of associated service providers (also brokers where applicable), especially during the due diligence process
  • Handling of individual and portfolio transactions

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  • Analysis of competition and location conditions
  • Creation and optimisation of property-specific asset or letting strategy
  • Property-specific marketing strategy for letting
  • Management of negotiations, conclusion/termination of leases
  • New lettings and existing tenants
  • Preparation of profitability calculations, management and coordination of any service providers

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Asset Management

  • Stakeholder management
  • Formulation of property/asset strategies
  • Creation of decision templates
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Cost/earnings optimisation
  • Active management in accordance with the corporate strategy
  • Rental planning and management
  • Sales management
  • Service provider management

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Site Development

  • Feasibility studies, potential analyses and utilisation concepts
  • Location and relocation concepts
  • Examination of structural conditions
  • Support during planning consent process
  • Management of urban planning and architectural design competitions

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Technical Asset Management

  • Technical and constructional implementation of user projects
  • Supporting of M&A deals
  • Client representation and project management
  • Project controlling

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Portfolio Management

  • Formulation of real estate strategy based on corporate strategy
  • Strategic guidance for asset management
  • Design and implementation of investment strategies
  • Measurement of benchmarks
  • Commercial management
  • Development of office/technology concepts for portfolio optimisation
  • Risk-adjusted analysis and management of the portfolio
  • (Group) reporting and monitoring

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Real Estate Development

  • Project initiation on own account
  • Project development as a service
  • Planning and implementation of construction projects through to handover to the user
  • Co-investments/joint ventures
  • Elimination of property/land restrictions by obtaining legally compliant planning/building consent
  • Elimination and minimisation of project risks
  • Optimisation of value creation by preparing/developing properties or land before sale
  • Project management

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Tenant Representation

  • Market research and market/location analysis
  • Development of alternative approaches to problem-solving (e.g. optimisation of existing space)
  • Profitability analysis
  • Lease negotiations and reviews
  • Consolidations and location strategies

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Portfolio Optimisation

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Identification of potential for value creation
  • Identification of possibilities for lease optimisation
  • Implementation support

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International Advisory

  • Management of international subsidiaries
  • Advice on country-specific requirements
  • Market/location analysis
  • Supporting of M&A deals
  • Lease negotiations
  • Location concepts

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: 5/22/2022