CORPUS SIREO CORPORATE REAL ESTATE offers solutions for various requirements. The industrial sectors of our clients range from insurance and medical technology to telecommunications. 
We support large DAX and MDAX corporations as well as medium-sized companies. 

Our solutions cover all stages of the real estate cycle and are geared towards specific requirements. We handle the consolidation of locations, leasing and rental, and oversee project development or space reduction through transaction. We create an individual inventory, carry out concept development, including modern office concepts (desk-sharing), and check what needs to be kept in own stock and what would be best to lease out (sale and lease back). By conducting our own project studies, we create transparency in order to optimise active space and vacancy. CORPUS SIREO draws on 19 years of experience in the corporate real estate segment.

Our experience is the added value that our clients enjoy. In total, we have reduced around 4 billion square meters of corporate rental space and assisted with 3,800 registrations. We have managed to reduce energy costs by more than 1.3 million euros and likewise cut CO2 emissions down by 1.3 million euros. Our references include examples in which we brought properties from 100% vacancy to full rental. Overall, we have realised 5.6 billion euros of cash-in from sales for our clients. Optimum concepts are developed and implemented for and with the client to achieve the most added value possible.
Swiss Life Asset Managers
: 6/28/2022