Working – We form individual, solution-oriented teams with specialists, customers, free-spirits and innovators to present smart solutions: Reduction of costs through needs-based structures, maximum global knowledge transfer, creation of sustainable customer relationships, design of new communication forms. Flexibility as standard.

Our Way To Success : Code Of Conduct

1. The activation of the internal knowledge potential becomes more important than the external "war for talents"

We encourage each employee individually according to their skills in order to support their professional development and to expand their know-how. The long-term company affiliations of our employees are a guarantee of continuity for our customers.

2. Right potentials are more important than high potentials

We carefully look at the employee's capabilities and talents. The aim is not to fill a vacancy, but to find the right position for the right employee. By using the talents of each individual, the optimum for the customer can be achieved. Every employee is an individual with different strengths and weaknesses, desires and dislikes. We try to use the strengths and implement the wishes. Thus we have the most motivated employees.

3. Flexibility As Standard

We tackle each task individually. There is no standard solution that fits for every customer. Customer requirements are solved as a project. We find the most suitable project team for the respective task. We do not work and think in static structures, but in project organizations. In this way, everyone can contribute his or her strengths to the customers' benefit.

4. Increasing growth - from experience to sense and commitment and life cycle balance

The tasks should be relevant. We take the customer's perspective and act for "our" properties. In this way, we create the optimal identification. We work in a flexible and result-oriented manner. Everyone contributes their own ideas, regardless of hierarchies or departments.

5. The focus is on the employee - for the benefit of the client

Our employees are our most important resource. That is why they are the focus of our attention. Our employees are not only employees, but also active participants in the company. Decisions are transparent, managers are partners and projects are only successfully implemented in a team.

6. Leadership becomes a distributed and multidisciplinary activity

Our leadership is heterogeneous. We have a long history of combining experience with new ideas, a female perspective with male thinking, all-rounders with specialists. All of them pursue one goal: promoting and advancing a motivated, specialized and committed team. This creates fun and success. For us and for our clients.
: 10/27/2020