Optimization Through Digitalization

In today's society, digital transformation is no longer an issue that only affects IT companies. Digitization has become standard in the meantime and is bringing about a profound change in every area of life.

The real estate sector is also undergoing a radical change. Proptech start-ups are attacking the "Old Economy" Real Estate. The analogue world is progressively being replaced by digitization, sensor technology and robotics. Smart City and Smart Home are followed by Smart Office.

We have recognized that digital transformation is a decisive factor to survive in the free market. Through concrete measures and the use of digital technologies, we want to open up new possibilities for a better quality of life, innovative business models and more efficient working.



Extended Challenges to CREM-Services

Extended challenges to CEM services


  • Purchase of operational and non-operational space.
  • „One size doesn´t fit all“: The future demand for space varies.


Cost Cutting

  • Global benchmarking of areas, setting of norms and standards; centralized site
    acquisition and valorization of properties.
  • CREM's focus has changed: from "cost and quantity" to „quality“.


Agility, transparency and innovation

  • Development of optimal solutions for properties and successful funds, individual
    customer service, increase of agility through agile spaces: „Agile space for agile
    , creation of digital business models


New working worlds - Working 4.0

  • Well-being: „It´s all about the vibes, the community“
  • Work-Life-Integration: diversity of working places (head office, co-working, home office)
  • User-centered thinking with Design Thinking and Hybrid Thinking: exploring, discussing
    and developing of innovative ideas and concepts in a creative working Environment.

Impact On Corporates' Real Estate Portfolios Over The Next 5 Years

Environmental initiatives and standards are becoming even more important for image and economic success
Urbanisation will have an effect on companies – locations important for employees and clients: “war of talent”
New technology will speed up work processes (merging of real and digital world)
Algorythmisation, automation and artificial intelligence, ensure quality and efficiency
The space required will reduce significantly (especially due to a reduction in permanent positions)
Digitalisation is a key factor for successful and efficient real estate management
Space use is becoming flexible

Digital Fit or Misfit

Digital Fit Or Misfit?

Develop a digitization strategy

64 percent of the companies do not pursue an overarching digitization strategy.

Recognizing trends

Technologies that have always been regarded as unrealistic vision of the future in the sector, such as blockchain, robotics and artificial intelligence, are becoming increasingly important, for example for the optimization and consolidation of surfaces.

Exploiting potentials

Digital tools and technologies make everyday work easier and increase work and business efficiency.

Future Asset Manage- and Operating System

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technological trend that has great potential for many different areas of life. Some people say that artificial intelligence is a “saviour" for the German economy. Others fear that robots will drive us out of the labour market and predict an antisocial world because only rich people will benefit from the advantages of digitization. But where is the truth? Is artificial intelligence our friend or enemy?
Smart solutions for smart spaces: Our cities face a number of challenges today: Rising populations, demographic change, shrinking households and dealing with pollution and shortage of resources. In order to cope with technological change and achieve sustainable urban development, cities need smart solutions to improve the quality of life of their citizens, attract visitors and promote economic development.
Let's develop the digital future together!
In our open workspace you will get to know the latest digital trends and renowned speakers and experts. At the same time you will have the opportunity to express your own ideas and visions. We welcome IT experts, young professionals and students from all over the world and look forward to an inspiring exchange with all participants.


Perception management - we create attractive and sustainable workplaces. In cooperation with external partners and experts, we develop innovative ideas for a successful perception management. Highly efficient algorithms and sensors with data collection as "key" for new working environments. Always one step ahead. » more


Working – We form individual, solution-oriented teams with specialists, customers, freespirits and innovators to present smart solutions: Reduction of costs through needs-based structures, maximum global knowledge transfer, creation of sustainable customer relationships, design of new communication forms. Flexibility as standard. » more


Target Operating Model - The “bridge“ between strategy and implementation: Goals are formulated and concrete measures and strategies are identified in order to achieve these corporate goals. As a symbiosis of real estate experience and digital future knowledge, we present innovative solution models on a digital basis.

Partner of innovative proptech-startups

As a member of the leading Real Estate Initiative in Germany, the Real Estate Innovation Network, "REIN", we are in regular contact with innovative proptech start-ups and are constantly searching for new, feasible ideas. Swiss Life is also working actively with start-ups in its "Innovation Lab" to advance digitization.

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Swiss Life LAB - The innovation lab

The real estate sector is becoming increasingly important for technology companies. No matter if Real Estate Tech, Property Tech or Proptech: We are talking about the integration of technology into the real estate sector and the resulting radical changes.

Swiss Life wants to support innovation and develop new business models - in cooperation with start-ups.

The "Swiss Life Lab" deals with many future-oriented questions relating to insurance, pensions and real estate - always looking for the best solutions. It is intensively dealing with Proptech, establishes contacts to new players and works closely with Proptech start-ups. The Swiss Life Lab is also part of Swiss Innovation Outpost, an alliance of Swiss companies that aims to enable German start-ups to enter the Swiss market.

The "innovation lab" of Swiss Life combines the competencies of business, technology and design with a vast international network that enables concepts, designs and startup cooperations to be implemented in just a few days. The aim of the Swiss Life Lab is to offer better products, applications and processes to the customers, employees and partners of Swiss Life.

Swiss Life Asset Managers
: 5/22/2022