Corporate Real Estate Management

We understand the way corporate clients think and take a professional approach to the requirements of handling their real estate. We have the know-how needed to work with companies in all sectors, from high tech to traditional heavy industry.
At CORPUS SIREO Real Estate, you are in good hands, regardless of whether your company has a conventional or innovative management approach, and whether your real estate is in a city or the countryside. We are internationally established and handle corporate clients in Germany and around the world, which we do responsibly and with in-depth market knowledge. 
CORPUS SIREO operates in corporate real estate management in addition to other fields of business. The company has around 18 years of experience in the segment. 

As one of Germany's market leaders, CORPUS SIREO manages corporate real estate worth over 8 billion euros (as at 31/12/2018). The company has around 150 employees in the corporate segment across Germany. Its sister company, BEOS, has also already set up 4 funds with corporate real estate. 

Since 2001, CORPUS SIREO has achieved over EUR 5.6 billion cash-in through the sale of corporate real estate. CORPUS SIREO currently manages around 18 projects in development within the corporate segment.

Billion euros in corporate real estate under management & administration (as at 31/12/2018)

Employees working in corporate real estate management

Billion euros of cash-in through sales (since 2001)

Locations in Germany for corporate real estate

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