Recognised on a regular basis as one of the top employers in the property business, CORPUS SIREO has a range of entry-level job opportunities on offer to kick-start your career in the property sector.

CORPUS SIREO is one of Germany's leading real estate service providers with an excellent ownership structure. The strong CORPUS SIREO brand is backed by that of its owner, Swiss Life Asset Managers.

Together with all our employees, we are known as "THE REAL ESTATE PEOPLE". The real estate company is in an excellent position to take on the challenges and opportunities of dynamic international real estate markets and offers a range of attractive real estate jobs.

Join us!
We are looking for people with personality, people who are able to contribute their ideas and enthusiasm for their work, and people who like to think and act independently and work as team players. At CORPUS SIREO, we will give you the freedom that you need to develop your potential – right from the very beginning. During your first few days, you will receive an introduction to the corporate structures in place at CORPUS SIREO. During the following three months, we will pair you with an experienced colleague as a buddy who will help you find your feet in your new job. CORPUS SIREO considers itself to be an organic entity in which each individual is part of the overall structure. The company is proud of its flat hierarchy structures. We also maintain close lines of communication between the various hierarchy levels. Not only professionals, but also apprentices, students and graduates receive the best conditions in which to develop their careers in the real estate industry. Workplace training and special trainee programmes are offered alongside study opportunities, vocational training and on-the-job experience.

Work-life balance
A healthy work-life balance, flexitime and part-time working models, and an external family service dedicated to ensuring that employees strike a better balance between their professional and private lives all form a core part of the company's self-Image.


Faires Trainee Programm 2019


Certified trainee program offered by CORPUS SIREO

We are proud that our trainee program for university graduates has been awarded annually since 2014 for its career advancement and fairness.


As the term "trainee programme" is not protected and there are no uniform standards and definitions, the award for trendence applicants provides valuable orientation as to which companies offer and develop high-quality trainee programmes themselves.


By means of online evaluation, it is our trainees themselves who assess the extent to which the trainee programme at CORPUS SIREO meets the quality standards of "services and general conditions", "mentoring and support", "training and development opportunities" and "career prospects.

focus nationaler Arbeitgeber 2017


In the "Consulting" SME sector, CORPUS SIREO was chosen as the top employer 2018
This is the fifth time that FOCUS in cooperation with Kununu and Xing has chosen Germany's best employer, and CORPUS SIREO has been awarded a prominent position for the fourth time in succession.

The survey is the largest of its type, with more than 70,000 evaluations of employees concerning their own company, and it has surveyed the top-1000 employers with more than 500 employees from 22 sectors. The survey has again assessed the employers' image, the workplace environment, career opportunities, management behaviour, corporate culture and the willingness of employees to recommend their employer.

The purpose of this anonymous and representative survey is to honour those companies which, in their capacity as employers, are the best at meeting the challenges posed by the changes in the working environment as a result of the digitising and globalisation processes and which take advantage of the major opportunity of change.

And CORPUS SIREO is again one of the top employers in 2018.
Top Arbeitgeber 2018


CORPUS SIREO is one of the top 2 most popular employers
The annual survey carried out by Immobilien Zeitung among students has established: we are again one of the most popular employers in the sector!

This most important sector periodical surveyed 588 students following sector-related courses at a total of 112 education facilities throughout the whole of Germany with regard to their preferred employer.

The excellent result: Compared with last year, CORPUS SIREO has gained further points and occupies second place overall.
real estate brand award 2017

Real Estate Brand Award

CORPUS SIREO is for the fifth time in succession the most valuable real estate asset management brand in Germany.
Mai 2016: For the fifth time in succession, CORPUS SIREO is the most valuable brand in the real estate asset management segment in Germany. This was the finding of the Berlin-based EUREB Institute in the course of a survey held among approximately 44,000 sector experts regarding the recognition of a total of 1,200 European real estate brands. This study has been carried out since 2009, and is the most comprehensive empirical brand value study for the German real estate sector. CORPUS SIREO also received the "Brand Sustainability over five Years" award across all categories and asset classes.
Bell Management Consultant


CORPUS SIREO - The leading German real estate asset management provider
With approximately 16 million square metres under management, CORPUS SIREO has been awarded top place among German real estate asset management providers in the Bell Real Estate Asset Management Report 2014. This is the result of an analysis carried out by the independent Cologne-based consultancy company among a total of 35 asset managers.

50 percent of asset management service providers in Germany also identified CORPUS SIREO as their main competitor in the market. CORPUS SIREO also occupies pole position in the asset categories "Office" as well as "Logistics", with assets under management of approximately 4.3 billion euros and 1.15 billion euros respectively. 
Swiss Life Asset Managers
: 2/20/2020