CORPUS SIREO combines a range of exciting and challenging tasks in a dynamic environment with the tailored professional development of its staff. What matters to us is to optimally integrate and cultivate the personal skills and abilities of our employees within our business activities – be they professionals, young professionals, trainees or apprentices. We encourage the continued professional development of our employees through personalized development programmes and our in-house CORPUS SIREO Academy.


Every one of our employees contributes to the company's success. All further training activities at CORPUS SIREO aim to instil in our employees a client-focused approach, enhanced market knowledge and a sense of professionalism.


A client-focused approach, enhanced market knowledge and an attitude of professionalism among our employees are the goal of all further training activities at CORPUS SIREO.



CORPUS SIREO has established its own academy with the aim of providing its employees with target-driven and continuous training. The academy focuses on specialist training, the promotion of social skills and dialogue between departments. The core competencies and leadership model form the foundations of our extensive training programmes. The programmes are delivered by both external trainers and internal experts.


Further training areas:

  • Personal and social skills
  • Management skills
  • Real estate/specialist skills


Leadership model

Respectful staff leadership is a key factor for success. Each of our employees contributes to the company's success in his or her individual way. The leadership model is intended to provide “THE REAL ESTATE PEOPLE” with the guidelines and the positive parameters they need for a successful collaboration and to promote dialogue between employees and executives. The leadership model also represents the basis for the development of executives.

Iris Schönbeck

Iris Schönbeck Human Resources Management

Swiss Life Asset Managers
: 5/22/2022