Every one of our employees contributes to the company's success. All further training activities at CORPUS SIREO aim to instil in our employees a client-focused approach, enhanced market knowledge and a sense of professionalism.

CORPUS SIREO has established its own academy with the aim of providing its employees with target-driven and continuous training. The academy focuses on specialist training, the promotion of social skills and exchanges between departments. The core competencies and leadership model form the foundations of our extensive training programme. The contents of the training programmes are geared toward employees' requirements, which are assessed on the basis of annual reviews. The programmes are delivered by both external trainers and internal experts.

Further training areas:

  •  Personal and social skills
  • Management skills
  • Real estate/specialist skills

Development programmes
Talented employees are able to advance their careers in a structured manner through a number of modular development programmes based on the leadership model. The contents of the programmes focus on various aspects, including the fostering of management skills and the development of project management expertise. In addition to enhancing skills in the various areas, the training programmes also encourage direct implementation in practical applications. Effective instruments in this regard include targeted coaching and project work. The development programmes enable employees who attend them to be part of a process of exchange across all functions and locations.
Swiss Life Asset Managers
: 4/2/2020