If you are a student interested in a career in the real estate sector and you are committed, talented and motivated, then you are just the right person for CORPUS SIREO. If you can convince in the company, you will be accepted into the junior staff development programme "Students4CS. You will then regularly receive the latest information about our company as well as invitations to special events. We will also provide you with career tips and first-hand expert knowledge. CORPUS SIREO is able to provide you with assistance as a contact for specialist information as well as guidance and support regarding key aspects of your studies.

Student ambassadors
In their capacity as student ambassadors, our "Students4CS" fulfil a number of roles: they are contacts, representatives of CORPUS SIREO and ambassadors at the various universities, which makes them a potential point of contact for prospective students. They help fellow students gain an authentic picture of what working at CORPUS SIREO is like as well as the precise requirements.

In an internship lasting at least 3 months, you will have the opportunity to get to know the work in a working environment oriented towards community spirit and commitment, to gain important experience and to deepen existing expertise. The duration of CORPUS SIREO internships is variable. However, the more time you put in, the more intensively you will be able to participate in exciting areas of work. To be accepted onto an internship programme at CORPUS SIREO, you must be registered at a university or college of higher education.  You can apply for a specific position or apply on your own initiative as a student temporary employee/interns.

Gain experience as a student trainee
At CORPUS SIREO, you have the opportunity all year round to apply the knowledge you have acquired during your studies and to expand it further through practical assignments. As a student assistant you will be an integral part of a team and will work independently on specific projects. Your work will be remunerated on an hourly wage basis and can also be an important step on the career ladder.

Thesis work that has practical relevance
At CORPUS SIREO, students are given the opportunity of combining theory and practice within the framework of a thesis. Ideally, you will have already completed an internship at our company, and will be familiar with our company procedures. Do you already have a topic in mind? CORPUS SIREO will provide you with specialist support for writing your thesis. A successful thesis and a previously completed internship will give you the best possible chances of staring a career with CORPUS SIREO down the line.

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