(Dual) training at CORPUS SIREO

As your school years come to an end, you are bound to start thinking about your future career path. It is a good idea to gather information about various potential careers at different companies. Property service provider CORPUS SIREO has training places and work-study programmes to offer – with career guidance, prospects and a committed, team-orientated workplace to boot. What we require in return is an enthusiastic willingness to learn and adapt to new challenges.

Vocational training
Every year, CORPUS SIREO offers attractive apprenticeships in various areas for school leavers. Each trainee receives an individual training plan which includes the various fields of activity at CORPUS SIREO. After a quick integration into the respective team on site, trainees are assigned their own exciting tasks after a short time.

CORPUS SIREO offers training in the following fields:

  • Estate agents (Berlin, Garching bei München, Frankfurt, Cologne)
  • Marketing communication professionals (Cologne)


Have a look at our job vacancies for an overview of all our current training opportunities.

Work-study programmes
If you can’t decide between theoretical studies and practical training, CORPUS SIREO offers you the opportunity to combine all the advantages of on-the-job training and traditional studies in a work-study programme.

Throughout the duration of their studies, CORPUS SIREO students are partnered with designated mentors, benefit from training and further education opportunities at the company’s very own CORPUS SIREO Academy and receive appropriate financial support. Undertaking our job induction training and using your own initiative will mean you are given independent tasks to do in no time at all. You can find more information in the advertisement for the work-study programme.


"Benefit from the combination of theory and practice. When you get to know a company from an insider’s perspective, you will already be familiar with what the work involves and what the corporate culture looks like. This will help you to make an informed decision if you receive a firm job offer later on."
Iris Schönbeck
Human Resources Management

Sabrina Lengenfelder Human Resources Management

Swiss Life Asset Managers
: 5/22/2022