When your days at school are coming to an end, it's time to start thinking about your future working life. Collecting information on various career options in companies is a good way of going about this. Real estate service provider CORPUS SIREO has a number of secondary school internships, apprenticeships and combined work-study programmes offering career guidance, job prospects and the opportunity to work in a committed team.

Secondary school internships
A secondary school internship allows you to experience daily working life in a division of CORPUS SIREO before you even finish school. An internship can help you make decisions regarding your future career, and also provide an excellent basis for choosing between studying and an apprenticeship.

In return, you should be enthusiastic, enjoy learning and have an open mind with regard to new challenges. Although your grades are important when it comes to getting an apprenticeship or study place later on, they are not particularly significant at this stage. Secondary school internships are available at our locations in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt throughout the year.

For school leavers, every year CORPUS SIREO offers attractive apprenticeships in various departments. Every apprentice is given an individual training plan, which encompasses the various areas of activity of CORPUS SIREO. After a quick induction into the respective local team, apprentices are able to independently take on a range of exciting tasks within a short space of time.

CORPUS SIREO offers apprenticeships in the following professions:
  • Real estate agent (Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt)
  • Marketing communication agent (Cologne)
  • IT specialist in systems integration (Cologne)
  • Please note that we do not offer all of the above apprenticeships every year. Please refer to the latest available information.

    Combined work-study programmes
    For those who are not able to decide between theoretical studies and practical training, CORPUS SIREO offers the opportunity of combining the benefits of practical training and traditional study with a combined work-study programme.

    Throughout the entire duration of the programme, students at CORPUS SIREO are supported by a mentor, benefit from training and further training opportunities at the company's internal CORPUS SIREO Academy and receive appropriate financial support for their studies. Our range of training and further training courses is constantly being expanded. CORPUS SIREO has partnerships with several professional academies and also with Aschaffenburg University.


    "It is the students in particular who benefit from this programme. After all, by getting to know a company from the inside, they are already aware of what the areas of activity and corporate culture are like. This is a big help when it comes to deciding to apply for a specific job offer that comes up."
    Iris Schönbeck
    Human Resources Management

    Sabrina Lengenfelder Human Resources Management

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