Make sure that we retain a good impression of you. Your application is the first impression which we receive from you. It is therefore all the more important that you provide us with a meaningful picture of your qualifications and your personality.
For this purpose, you merely have to follow a small number of simple rules.

In the following, we will describe a few tips and tricks which may be useful for your application.

  1. General Information

    Before the application
    Before you submit an application to our company, you should first draw up your own list of your strengths, weaknesses and objectives. Please do not list “standard” weaknesses, as is frequently recommended in job application guides.

    This will not convince every Human Resource officer. Instead, you should be honest, because every person has weaknesses. In addition, you should also compare your own skills and qualifications with the job description.

    In order to ensure that you quickly establish whether you are suitable for the position. Show that you have obtained adequate information about our company and the job vacancy. Avoid questions which have already been answered by our career page.

    We provide you with further information on our social media channels, where you are also able to contact us.

    Your application
    Ensure that your documents are complete and that they contain all information required in the advertisement. Ensure that the information which you provide has a clear structure and is easy to read.

    Always ensure that your application documents are up-to-date. It does not make a good impression if the date on the documents is several months old. Convince us with an individual application, a brief and meaningful CV and also your complete certificates.

    This is essential if we are to be able to process your application accordingly and ensure a rapid and smooth application process. Please refer to “Content of your application portfolio” to establish the specific details of what should be included in your application portfolio.

    Ensure that we can contact you
    As soon as you have successfully sent off your application documents and as soon as they have been entered in our application management tool, work starts for our HR officers. Irrespective of whether you are submitting a speculative application or applying for a specific position, there may be questions which might have to be answered even with the best application.

    For instance, we might have specific questions concerning your qualifications, or there might have been a problem with the transmission of your documents. Ideally, we might also like to invite you to an interview.

    It will then of course be a pity if we are not able to contact you. Specifically if you have to be absent for a lengthy period of time, corresponding information in your application documents would help us.

    Of course however, it is not possible for everybody to be contacted at all times. We therefore recommend that you set up a mailbox or an answering machine on which we will be able to leave our contact data and a request for a return call. On the other hand, a good impression is not created if calls come to nothing and if we do not receive any response.

    Application photo
    An application photo is nowadays no longer absolutely essential. Nevertheless, with an optimum photo, you can gain sympathy points. This is because your application takes shape.

    If you decide to include a photo, you must keep the following aspects in mind: the photo should always be professional. The best solution is to be advised in a photo studio.

    Private photos do not appear to be serious, and can give the impression that you have not been sufficiently professional with your application. In addition, the photo should be recent (taken during the previous twelve months).

  2. Contents of your application portfolio

    Covering letter
    It is true that your personality is the final criterion taken into consideration when selecting applicants; however, the covering letter forms the start of the process. With the covering letter, you arouse our curiosity, which means that it simultaneously acts as your personal business card.

    Your covering letter should not be longer than one A4 page, and should contain the following information: your objectives and wishes as well as your special skills and experience. Always focus on the specific position, and refer to that position.

    Avoid spelling errors and ensure that you comply with standards. If a named contact has been specified, you should directly address that person. If you are submitting an application for an internship or for work as a working student, please also specify your desired location and period. All this information will help us to gain an initial impression of you, and guarantees a rapid and smooth application process.

    The CV primarily provides information about your personal and professional history. Again, you must ensure that the CV has a clear structure and is also easy to read.

    We recommend a chronological structure based on headings, e.g. personal data, career experience and education. You can also include your hobbies or voluntary activities.

    We also like to see additional qualifications, particularly if this is specified in the job description. It is also useful if you yourself make an assessment of your knowledge, e.g. good or very good Excel skills.

    Your certificates are an important part of your application documents. They provide us with a good overview of success in training and/or a course of studies and also provide us with information concerning your previous tasks.

    Important: only send the certificates which are relevant for the position. We are also very interested in supporting evidence of internships and time spent abroad.

  3. Online applications

    The advantages
    Submit your application reliably and easily, within a few minutes! You can submit your application at any time and from any place in a user-friendly manner.

    Because we do not use application accounts and login data, the processing time is thus less than five minutes. And also: data protection is guaranteed by the encryption in the SSL method.

    How to proceed
    With a few clicks, you gradually approach your objective. Use our job portal to search for a job, training position or position on an internship which is suitable for you. If you have found a job offer, click on “Apply”.

    This automatically leads you to our on-line application form. The position which you favour is already included in the form. We then only require a certain amount of personal information in order to enable us to contact you subsequently, and we also require your application documents.

    By confirming the data protection statement and clicking on “Send”, this information is sent to us. After your documents have been successfully received in our applicant management system, you receive electronic confirmation to the e-mail address which you have specified.

    Technical details
    Please upload your files as “.pdf-“ or “.jpeg files”. 2 MB is available for each file. Before sending the file, please ensure that you have genuinely selected all files and that nothing is missing; this is because you are not able to interrupt or buffer the transmission process.

  4. Speculative applications

    Are you interested in joining CORPUS SIREO, although you have not found a suitable position in our job portal? Do not delay, and simply take the initiative yourself. With our proactive application form, you are able to select the positions “Speculative applications” or “Student assistants/interns” in the heading “All locations”.

    After you have successfully uploaded and sent your application documents, your profile is then automatically included in our applicant database, where it can be viewed by all HR officers for a period of six months. After this period, your documents are automatically deleted. You of course are able to submit further applications to us.
Swiss Life Asset Managers
: 2/17/2020