Do you have any questions? We would be pleased to assist you further!

In relation to your application, there are questions which always recur. In order to simplify the work for you in advance, we have summarised the most frequent questions at this point and provided them with the suitable answers.

  1. General

    How do I apply for a position at CORPUS SIREO?
    The quickest and simplest method is to use our on-line application form. For you, this is time-efficient and, for us, the advantage is that the HR officers in our company are able to access your documents at all times.

    Is it worthwhile submitting a speculative application?
    We normally recommend that you submit applications for a specific job description. However, if you have not found a suitable position in our job portal, please take advantage of the opportunity to submit a speculative application. We are always looking for motivated and suitably qualified employees.

    How long does it take to submit an online application?
    The on-line application form can be completed and sent within a few minutes. For this purpose, we only require a small amount of personal information such as your name and address as well as your application documents.

    What do I do if I receive an error message when I send my documents?
    First of all, please check whether you have correctly completed all mandatory fields and have followed the instructions for uploading your documents. It is also possible that the browser which you are using is outdated. However, if you still receive an error message after several attempts, please send us your complete application documents to

    What file formats are accepted, and what volume are the documents permitted to have?
    Please upload your files as “.pdf-“ or “.jpeg files”. 2 MB is available for each file. Before sending the file, please ensure that you have genuinely selected all files and that nothing is missing; this is because you are not able to interrupt or buffer the transmission process.

    How do I know whether you have received my application?
    After successful transmission of your application via the on-line application form, you automatically receive an acknowledgement. If you have still not received any news on the day after the day on which you have submitted your application, this is an indication that your application has not been sent. Please contact us in such cases.

    What happens after my application has been received?
    For us, the selection process starts immediately after you have received acknowledgement from us. We first check whether your profile matches the vacancy. We then send an assessment to the respective department.

    A joint decision is then taken with regard to the further procedure. We either invite you to attend an interview, or we unfortunately have to notify you that your application has not been successful.

    Occasionally, we will first hold a brief telephone interview with you. However, you will be notified of such a telephone interview in advance. The processing duration depends on the type of vacancy, and may vary.

    What do I have to bear in mind for an interview?
    Congratulations! You have thus successfully overcome the first hurdle. In addition to your specialist know-how, the interview focuses particularly on your personality. Show us who you are, what you are, and why you specifically want to begin at our company. You should also consider the questions which you wish to ask us.

    Do I receive travelling expenses?
    Whether internship, student temporary work or permanent employment: if travelling costs are incurred within the framework of an application interview/selection process, we will refund the costs incurred for attending the interview on the basis of the costs of a rail journey (second class).

  2. Secondary school students

    Is it possible to apply for an apprenticeship at CORPUS SIREO? If yes, which apprenticeships?
    For school leavers, CORPUS SIREO offers attractive apprenticeships in various areas every year. As an apprentice, you will receive an individual training plan and will thus learn the various areas of activity of CORPUS SIREO.

    In this way, you will be rapidly integrated in the respective local team so that, very quickly, you will be able to take on exciting tasks. You will find an overview of the available apprenticeships here.

    When is the best time for me to submit an application?
    That depends very much on what your precise interests are. In view of the strong demand, we recommend that you should submit an application at least six months in advance. In addition, we also offer apprenticeships for various functions.

    You can obtain information concerning the application phase on our career page under the heading “Secondary-school students”.

  3. Students

    Can I work at CORPUS SIREO as a working student or intern?
    Irrespective of whether you are working on an internship or as a student assistant, at our company you are able to gain practical experience throughout the entire year. An important aspect in this respect is that you must be registered at a university in this period.

    At what locations are such internships offered?
    In principle, all of our locations offer the possibility of working on a working student or an internship programme. In our job portal, you will find an overview of our current vacancies.

    However, you also are able to submit a speculative application for a position under “Student assistants/internships”. The crucial factor is whether the location or the respective division needs students at the required time. This is assessed on an individual basis.

    How long do I need to work on such programmes?
    This very much depends on the specific function for which you submit an application. We recommend a duration of at least three months, so that you are also able to work independently following a familiarisation phase.

    However, periods of a few weeks or several months are also possible. Many students also take advantage of the opportunity to continue as a working student after completing such a programme in order to earn a certain amount of money while they are still studying and also to extend their know-how.

  4. Graduates

    I have already graduated. Can I still take part in an internship at CORPUS SIREO?
    The crucial factor in this respect is the type of your degree. If you intend to study for a Master’s degree after your Bachelor’s degree, this is in principle possible.

    However, we are not able to offer you a position under the terms of this programme if you have a Master’s or Diploma degree. In order to participate in this programme, you must be registered at a university at the time at which you work for us.

    As a university graduate, can I also apply for positions requiring experience?
    This is possible in principle. However, we offer our 15-month trainee programmes specifically for university graduates. This offers you an exciting opportunity for making a successful start to a career at CORPUS SIREO.

    Within the framework of this programme, the participants are familiarised with all areas of operation and gain a good insight into the company and the various functions.

    I am interested in finding out about the trainee programme. What is the structure of the programme?
    The 15-month practical programme is based on the motto “Learning by doing”. As a trainee, you will get to know our various business units on a quarterly basis, and will simultaneously build up a large network.

    During this period, you will work on central and strategic tasks and also on practical implementation at various locations. You can find further information here.

  5. Professionals

    Are the job offers on the career page still up-to-date?
    Yes, we update our job offers every day from Monday to Friday. It is only removed from the system when a position has been successfully filled. Until that time, you are able to apply for your preferred position.

    What is the situation with personnel development at your company? How is this encouraged at CORPUS SIREO?
    CORPUS SIREO considers that it is very important to encourage talented employees in order to ensure that it will in future continue to be able to meet the challenges and increasing demands of the market.

    For this purpose, we offer target-group-specific development programmes for professional and personal further development. CORPUS SIREO also has its own academy which aims to promote the further qualifications of employees.

    When can I expect to receive a reply to my application?
    As soon as we have received your application documents, you will automatically receive an acknowledgement at the e-mail address which you have specified. Your application is then presented to various persons and divisions.

    This process of course takes a certain amount of time. However, we aim to provide you with feedback as quickly as possible.
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: 5/22/2022