CORPUS SIREO offers childcare services and family counselling for its employees through the independent agency pme Familienservice.
This agency assists employees on behalf of their employer with reconciling their professional and private lives to help them clear their heads and concentrate on the job.

If your child is sick, there is a problem with your usual childcare arrangements or you experience another kind of emergency, CORPUS SIREO provides a short-term solution called "emergency mums" via the family service to offer employees' families stand-by support at home. Walk-in emergency services are also provided free of charge by the company at the family services offices. Hourly or daily care for children between the ages of four months and twelve years is provided during the business hours of the relevant family services office.

All-inclusive support
The family services staff are there to assist you with anything from basic issues such as how best to reconcile work and family life all the way through to looking for adequate care – for children as well as dependent family members.

Support in your local area
All CORPUS SIREO employees are entitled to free counselling sessions and advice at the family services offices in Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt am Main, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Mainz, Hanover and Leipzig.

Iris Schönbeck

Iris Schönbeck Human Resources Management

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: 2/20/2020