CORPUS SIREO combines a range of exciting and challenging tasks in a dynamic environment with the tailored professional development of its staff. What matters to us is to integrate and cultivate the personal skills and abilities of our employees optimally within our business activities – be they professionals, young professionals, trainees or apprentices. We encourage the continued professional development of our employees through personalised development programmes and our in-house CORPUS SIREO Academy.

Development dialogue
Once a year, our employees and their line managers sit down for what is known as a development dialogue. This intense exchange focuses on the employee's strengths and development areas. Both parties work together to structure the employee's professional development requirements and identify suitable development measures. The underlying principle of the development dialogue is: "We are good, so what can we do to get even better?"

Core competencies
Clearly outlined core competencies form the basis of our human resource development. Communication skills, the ability to work in a team, a results-driven approach and an entrepreneurial attitude are just a few of these core competencies. The curriculum of the CORPUS SIREO Academy uses the core competencies as a base on which to target each employee's further development.

Criteria for potential
It is crucial for us to recognise the potential of every one of our employees. We have defined criteria for potential, the scale of which depends on the respective tier. Line managers use these criteria to gauge their employees' potential with a view to future challenges for the company. The objective is to recognise, challenge and foster employee potential. The development dialogues are the place to discuss and pinpoint this potential.

Leadership model
Respectful staff leadership is a key success factor. Every one of our employees contributes to the company's success in his or her own way. The leadership model is intended to provide all CORPUS SIREO staff with the guidelines and the positive parameters they need for a successful collaboration and to promote dialogue between employees and executives. The leadership model also represents the basis for the development of executives.
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: 1/23/2020