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The market for logistics real estate has really exploded over the last few years. In light of the increasing significance of e-commerce and the associated increase in freight transport, as well as the optimisations being made to supply chains, logistics properties have become extremely important. This has required extensive modifications to logistics and warehouse concepts and to the technical facilities of properties. The market for such properties has seen significant increases, both in rent prices and in multipliers, as well as in transaction revenue.

The team of experienced specialists at CORPUS SIREO manages these properties, with a focus on Germany and other European countries. Extensive expertise in relation to usage types, transport, and regional clusters and hotspots ensures that every property is managed appropriately based on the type of logistics involved.

The management services provided include the development and implementation of a catalogue of measures tailored to the type of lease, as well as the monitoring of relevant key data relating to both the tenant and regional and national market development in order to identify and exploit potential over the entire life cycle. In this way, CORPUS SIREO provides comprehensive asset management risk-adjusted for every type of investor. The client is also advised on and assisted with the identification and implementation of potential exits.

Selected projects

Escada Logistik

Location: Reichersberg, Österreich
Usage type: Logistics
Lettable area: 14.624 m²
Mandate since: 2017

The property, which was completed in 2004 and extended in 2007, is a three-storey logistics centre used by a textile company for its own stock and for third-party customers as a distribution centre. It is situated close to the German/Austrian border in Reichersberg (Austria) and is therefore on the Rhine/Danube route, which travels through Austria via the A8 from Vienna to Linz and from there towards Bavaria in Germany.

DHL Logistik

Location: Bremen, Germany
Usage type: Logistik
Lettable area: 49.589 m²
Mandat seit: 2017

The property is part of the largest freight centre in Germany, which has a warehouse space of 1,3 million m².
The building was constructed in 2018 and is let to Deutsche Post on a long-term basis for the operation of a DHL Freight warehouse. The 50,000 m² space contains a parcel centre and an automated parts warehouse.




Type of usage Logistics properties
Macro Location European logistics hotspots especially with reference to cities and economically strong urban agglomeration
Micro Location Traffic hubs, ports, airports, freight centres in good Commercial and industrial areas
Year of construction Existing buildings with year of construction min. 2000, developments (forward deals)

min. € 15 m
Urban logistics min. 10 m

Occupancy rate min. 80 %
  • Good building quality /
  • third part usability
  • Flexible divisibility

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: 7/7/2020