Asset Management Letting

The search for new tenants and the active, ongoing support of existing tenants are among the core tasks of a modern asset manager.
At CORPUS SIREO, we have a large number of asset managers specialising in letting, who act on behalf of our clients with many years of negotiating experience and excellent, regional market and local knowledge.

In addition to finding tenants and negotiating contracts, the preparation of property-specific letting concepts, the evaluation of regional developments and the observation of market trends and prices are key tasks.

At CORPUS SIREO we are proud of the high proportion of lettings we actively conclude ourselves. Depending on our marketing strategy, we work closely with national and local brokers. The selection and management of external brokers and service providers is an integral part of the letting process.

The combination of efficient asset management and active letting management is the success factor for long-term performance enhancement of our real estate portfolios.



18 million euros of annual net rent are newly generated or extended each year

Millions of euros of annual net rent are newly generated or extended each year

480 rental agreements are renewed or newly concluded per year

Rental contracts are extended or newly concluded each year

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: 5/22/2022