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CORPUS SIREO is a pioneer when it comes to designing fund products for institutional investors in the healthcare real estate sector. Since 2006, six funds have been created with an investment focus on polyclinics/medical care centres, inpatient care and assisted living.

In healthcare asset & property management, all aspects of property management are covered: from the creation of individual property strategies to operator monitoring and letting, we take care of the entire range of services. Drawing on our many years of experience and expertise, we monitor any changes in regional legislation and analyse the potential impact of these changes on your investment. AM Healthcare manages your specialised property with a focused team based in Heusenstamm and Hamburg.

Selected projects


Location: Ludwigshafen
Usage type: Health Care
Lettable area: 7.644 m²
Mandate since: 2017
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Lusanum health centre, completed in 2010, is in Ludwighafen, in the south of the city centre. The property is composed of two semi-circular building sections. As the largest medical centre in the Rhine-Neckar region, it offers a wide range of healthcare services.

Media Park Klinik

Location: Cologne
Usage type: Health Care
Lettable area: 10.512 m²
Mandate since: 2016
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MediaPark Clinic is in a central location in Cologne city centre. It houses orthopaedic, sports medicine and neurosurgery practices and is characterised by its excellent location and diverse range of healthcare services.


Location: Potsdam
Usage type: Health Care
Lettable Area: 7.144 m²
Mandate since: 2018
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Heilig-Geist-Park retirement home is in a very central and exclusive location in Potsdam’s northern quarter. The retirement home comprises two residential buildings and is located right by the Havel with a view of the eastern tip of Friendship Island.


Asset class

Nursing Home, assisted living, medical centres and health centres

Risk class Core, Core +
Macro Location Western and eastern German federal states
Construction year Existing buildings from 2000
New buildings (forward deals)
Tenant structure
Nursing Home and
assisted living
Single Tenant,
WALT min.15 years
Medical centres and
health centres
Multi Tenant, min. 80 % rented
WALT min. 6 years
Volume € 8 m to € 50 m
Deal structure Preferred Asset Deal, Share Deal
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André Bensing Asset & Property Management - Healthcare



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: 7/7/2020