In a highly competitive market like the real estate industry, one of the key challenges for us is not only all to pull together, but to pull in the same direction. This is the aim of our mission statement. It was developed by a number of different employees on behalf of the whole workforce and forms the basis for our actions. Based on our goals, the mission statement defines the values for which we stand and according to which we act. This gives rise to a mission statement that guides us and points the way to achieving our goal: CORPUS SIREO as a sustainably successful company that seeks challenges in a confident, down-to-earth and sporting way. 

Accept and successfully tackle challenges. Make decisions quickly – in the context of personal expertise and the necessary risk. Act in a target-oriented and proactive way. Take action instead of just hoping for results. 

Act with respect for the customer – on the basis of our expertise and performance. Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself – trust them and allow for loyalty to develop. Actively approach others and communicate with one another sensitively, respectfully and comprehensibly – across all divisions and particularly in relation to customers. Prevent discrimination and ensure equal opportunities. Give fair and helpful feedback. 

Make 1+1= 3 – and stand for the added value. Always give the best – in quality and speed, in preparation, implementation and follow-up. Transparency forms the basis for our actions. Support personal development – with reciprocal coaching, creation of career opportunities and systematic employee development. See diversity as a strength, promote it and use it for everybody’s benefit. 

Performance requires clear targets. These targets should be “SMART”: 
  • Specific 
  • Measurable 
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timed 

Respect requirements, pick up on ideas and integrate them in your own considerations. Make compromises to find a solution that works for all parties instead of following rigid rules. Be open to new things, learn and experience new things and develop as a result. Adapt fast to internal and external changes. 

Seek, encourage and live out fun as a basis of work and a key factor for performance. Strike an ideal balance between team focus and individual freedom. Fun forms the basis for creative work and is also one of the most important success factors. Fun is a synonym for happiness, desire, motivation and meaningfulness. Those who do not find their work fun at all will not be productive on a long-term basis. 

Only say something if it is actually going to be done – only make promises that can be kept. Don’t hide – address challenges openly and honestly and thereby earn trust and respect. Think about the economic result – aim for the optimal ratio of input to output, both for us and for the customer. Assume responsibility for employees fairly, objectively and cooperatively and call for independent action.

Michael Hennig Sales und Marketing

Swiss Life Asset Managers
: 6/28/2022