ESG – Commitment and responsibility

CORPUS SIREO has been part of Swiss Life Asset Managers since 2014. Swiss Life Asset Managers takes its corporate responsibilities very seriously, whether in its business activities, in society, in its role as an employer or in relation to the environment. As in all divisions, Swiss Life Asset Managers relies on quality, sustainability and cooperative relationships here too.


Our approach for responsible investment

For us, responsible investment means taking into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria as well as risk factors and key financial indicators in a controlled and structured investment process. Swiss Life Asset Managers’ investment strategy has a long-term and sustainable focus and is tailored for the liabilities arising from the insurance business. The aim of our investment policy is to achieve long-term, stable returns. As an asset manager, we represent the interests of our customers. We are aware of our responsibilities and actively accept them when allocating investments and exercising voting rights on the basis of clearly defined criteria. We undertake to integrate responsible investment in our business activities.


The attachment contains further information about our approach to the systematic integration of ESG criteria in risk management and our investment strategy.


Swiss Life Asset Manager's approach to responsible investment

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Swiss Life Asset Managers
: 5/22/2022