Certified trainee program

We are proud that our trainee program for university graduates has been awarded annually since 2014 for its career advancement and fairness.

As the term "trainee programme" is not protected and there are no uniform standards and definitions, the award for trendence applicants provides valuable orientation as to which companies offer and develop high-quality trainee programmes themselves.

By means of online evaluation, it is our trainees themselves who assess the extent to which the trainee programme at CORPUS SIREO meets the quality standards of "services and general conditions", "mentoring and support", "training and development opportunities" and "career prospects.

Top employer in the property industry

Immobilien Zeitung, Germany's most important industry newspaper, has been asking students of industry-related courses of study at German universities about their preferred employer every year since 2009.

Since 2012, CORPUS SIREO has been among the TOP 10 most attractive employers in the real estate industry and is therefore again one of the most popular companies among students in 2020.

Scope evaluates open-end property funds "Swiss Life Living + Working" with a+ rating

In Berlin, the "Living + Working" open-ended property fund launched by Swiss Life Asset Managers at the end of 2016 was rated for the first time by the European rating agency Scope - with a positive a+ rating.

The rating was based on an interview with the fund management and other relevant data. Categories such as real estate portfolio, sustainability, financial structure, asset and fund management were evaluated.

The integration into the Swiss Life Group and the property usage mix of health and residential (Living) + office and retail (Working), which is unique in the public funds sector, was rated particularly positively by Scope.

Digital-Champion – Unternehmen mit Zukunft

In 2018, CORPUS SIREO was awarded the “Digital-Champion – Unternehmen mit Zukunft” (Digital Champion – Companies of the Future) seal for the first time. FOCUS Money magazine uses this to recognise companies that have aligned themselves energetically with the new market environment being created by digitalisation.

Swiss Life Living + Working is the inaugural winner in the Product Launch category of the Alternative Investment Awards, having impressed the jury with its innovative investment strategy. The Scope Group presented the open-ended mutual property fund with the Scope Award on 23 November.

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Top Arbeitgeber 2018

Top employer in the real estate industry
In 2018, CORPUS SIREO achieved second place for the third consecutive time in the employer ranking of Immobilien Zeitung. It has been classed as one of the most popular companies for a number of years. This most prominent German sector periodical surveyed students taking sector-related courses at educational institutions throughout Germany with regard to their preferred employer.
real estate brand award 2017

In 2017, CORPUS SIREO was presented with the REAL ESTATE BRAND AWARD 2017 for the seventh year in a row, making it the most valuable brand in Germany's real estate asset management segment. This was the finding of the Berlin-based EUREB Institute's survey of approximately 16,500 sector experts regarding recognition of the top 500 commercial real estate brands in Germany and Austria. The survey, which has been conducted annually since 2009, is the most comprehensive empirical study of brand value in the German real estate sector.
Bell Management Consultant

The leading German real estate asset management provider
With approximately 16 million square metres under management, CORPUS SIREO was awarded top place among German real estate asset management providers in the Bell Real Estate Asset Management Report 2014. This was the upshot of an analysis carried out by the independent Cologne-based consultancy company among a total of 35 asset managers. 50 percent of asset management service providers in Germany also identified CORPUS SIREO as their main competitor in the marketplace. CORPUS SIREO also occupies pole position in the asset categories "Office" and "Logistics".
corporate complience award 2013

Corporate Compliance Award for the SME segment
Compliance magazine honoured CORPUS SIREO with its Corporate Compliance Award 2013 for the small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) segment. The company was cited for its successful development and implementation of a compliance management system.
IMA award 2012

Immobilienmarken Award 2012: the most valuable brand in the asset management segment
CORPUS SIREO was presented with the Immobilienmarken Award 2012, which is awarded to the most valuable brand in the asset management segment. The rating is based on the Real Estate Brand Value Study®, the first and most important brand ranking in the real estate industry. The ratings are determined through a comprehensive empirical market research survey that evaluates around 1,000 brands a year from key areas in the real estate industry.

Winner of the Immobilienmanager Award 2012
CORPUS SIREO was named the winner of the 2012 Immobilienmanager Award in the "Management" category. This was the jury's verdict: The company has been operating as an asset management service provider for ten years, and has consistently maintained its position as one of the few truly independent asset managers on the German market. In the process, the company has evolved from a one-client company into a service provider with a broad client base.
Swiss Life Asset Managers
: 6/28/2022