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Initially founded as an estate agent with regional operations in Cologne, CORPUS SIREO now has operations throughout the whole of Germany for a wide range of national and international customers.

As a leading German real estate asset management service provider with a sound ownership structure, we are in an excellent position to take on the challenges and opportunities of the international dynamic real estate markets and further expand our position in the premium service segment.


We are looking for people with personality, people who are able to contribute their ideas and enthusiasm to their work, and who like to think and act independently. CORPUS SIREO welcomes team players who welcome the opportunity of integration and who constantly maintain a vigilant and respectful view of the requirements of the community.

At CORPUS SIREO, we would like to give you the space which you need to develop your entire potential. Because we are fully aware that your skills are our capital, that you are our most valuable asset in our strategy of taking on the challenges – right from the very beginning.

And this is the reason why we take you under our wings as soon as you start with our company, and support your arrival with advice and practical action. In the initial days, we provide you in an introduction with an overview of the structures and relations at CORPUS SIREO. During the following three months, we provide you with a colleague as a “buddy” at your side to help you to find your feet in the new environment.


We also remain at your side between the various hierarchy levels. We are proud of our flat hierarchy structures, as CORPUS SIREO considers itself to be an organic framework in which each individual is part of the overall structure.

Short lines of communication between all functions are essential in order to avoid friction losses in decision-making processes and also to be able to act successfully. This is the only way in which we can continue to act as a team and are able to provide a joint, rapid and precise response to a dynamic and rapidly expanding market.

Work-life balance

We do everything to ensure that you feel at home with us – but your private life is also very important for us. Particularly because we at CORPUS SIREO always aim to focus on the overall structure, the individual is extremely important for us. Our team is able to produce its best performance when the individuals in the team are functioning well. We are absolutely convinced of this aspect.

This is the reason why we also offer flexitime and part-time working models to our employees, and thus increase flexibility in all respects. This is a major benefit for the mothers and fathers at CORPUS SIREO. The advice and mediation service pme Familienservice is available to them, so that professional and private lives can be harmonised better.

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