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From the campus to practical work

CORPUS SIREO offers students a wide range of opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. If you are interested in a career in the real estate sector, if you are committed, talented and motivated, you are just the right person for us.

And we also have a further special benefit for particularly motivated students. If you are able to convince us of your performance during your studies, we offer you a first-class opportunity – namely the possibility of being included in our young professional programme “Students4CS”.

You will benefit from a wide range of advantages: you will regularly receive current information concerning our company as well as invitations to special events, e.g. company celebrations and exclusive fireside evenings. We also provide you with career tips and first-hand expert knowledge. And of course we are also able to provide you with assistance as a contact for specialist information and also guidance and support concerning key aspects of your studies.

Student ambassadors

Students inform their colleagues about CORPUS SIREO as a company and employer as well as possibilities of joining the company, act as advisers and also collect information concerning the effectiveness and structured nature of the university marketing measures of CORPUS SIREO on the campus. The student ambassadors gain initial marketing experience and, where possible, participate in local events and marketing activities.

Who would be able to provide students with more information concerning the work at CORPUS SIREO than somebody who has already worked with us?

In their capacity as student ambassadors, our “Students4CS” are contacts, representatives of CORPUS SIREO and representatives at the various universities, and are thus a potential point of contact for interested students. In line with the motto “student to student”, the student ambassadors are able to provide an honest insight and first-hand information. The personal experience concerning the tasks in the respective divisions and also regarding the working climate and corporate culture help the interested students to gain an authentic picture of work at CORPUS SIREO as well as the precise requirements.

Gaining an impression of practical work

As an intern, you are able to get to know the work in a working environment which is based on community spirit and commitment, to gain important experience and to extend your existing specialist knowledge. Challenging and varied tasks are waiting for you in a dynamic and open team.

The duration of CORPUS SIREO internships is variable. However, the more time you put in, the more intensively will you be able to participate in exciting subjects and further develop your professional and personal skills. To be accepted for an internship at CORPUS SIREO, you must be registered at a university or college.

If you are interested in joining one of the largest asset managers for residential and commercial real estate in Europe, we offer you two possibilities: you can either submit your application for a specific position directly online, or you can use the possibility of a speculative application for “student assistants/interns”. In this case, we use your wishes and qualifications as the basis of deployment in a specialist area which is relevant for you. We look forward to receiving your application!

Gain experience as a working student

At CORPUS SIREO, you are able to use the knowledge gained in your studies at an early stage throughout the entire year, and are able to further expand your knowledge by working in practical situations.

As a student assistant, you are a fixed component of our team and work independently on specific projects. In this way, you gain valuable practical working experience and extend your know-how every day. In addition, an activity as a working student is an important stage on the career ladder.

And of course, your work will be remunerated accordingly. Our students work on the basis of an hourly rate, frequently for several terms.

And best of all

Are you in the final stages of your studies, and do you have only one more obstacle to overcome – your thesis? We would like to invite you to apply to CORPUS SIREO!

We offer students the opportunity of combining theory and practice within the framework of a thesis. Ideally, you will have already worked on an internship within our company, and are familiar with the procedures in our company. Do you already have an idea which interests you and which you would like to develop further with our assistance? All the better. Our specialist functions will provide you with specialist support for writing your thesis with practical relevance.

With a successful thesis and a previously completed internship, you will create the best criteria for subsequently staring a career at CORPUS SIREO.

Find out more about a traineeship with CORPUS SIREO.

Apply now as a student, and lay the foundation for a successful career with CORPUS SIREO.

We look forward to meeting you.  

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